Diaz,Marc G

Gregory “Bob” Caudill

Military Service

United States Army | 2003-2007

Current Role

Graduate Student, Senior Database Analyst


Gainesville, Florida

What was your job in the military?

Digital Signals Analyst

What was the best part of serving in the military?

Living overseas. Between my military service and working with the military as a contractor, I spent eight straight years living overseas. I met my wife while living abroad, and it is my goal to work outside of the United States upon graduation.

What does it mean to be a Veteran at UF?

For me, being a Veteran at UF is about what I can bring to the campus community. I try to share my military and professional experience with my classmates, in order to ground subjects with practical examples. I also work through the Collegiate Veterans Society to promote Veteran issues on campus and to help share a more nuanced view of what it means to have served. There are many reasons that people join the military, and a wide variety of experiences a Veteran might have. I frequently interact with students and even faculty that have a two-dimensional view of what a student Veteran is, and I hope my work on campus is helping to break people out of those preconceived notions.

What is something that not many people know about you?

I am a moderately successful homebrewer. I have taken a break recently due to other commitments, but I enjoy brewing dark beers and ciders. My wife and I also sell the vanilla, chocolate and orange extracts I use to flavor some of my brews.

How does your military experience affect your life today?

My military service has shaped my professional career; I am even now seeking employment in a field similar to that in which I served. I still tend to stand at-ease when waiting in line. Having served overseas and with soldiers from all varieties of backgrounds, I tend to take a broader view and have a more optimistic approach to people.

BEST food you ate in the military?

I wouldn't say it is the best cuisine, but my favorite was Yorkshire puddings at carveries in England: a sort of biscuit-like bowl that we would fill with sliced roast beef, mashed or roasted potatoes, mushy or boiled peas and top off with rich brown gravy. It is near impossible to find here. I also quite enjoy well-prepared kangaroo steaks. It is an easy meat to get wrong but very lean and flavourful when done properly.

WORST food you ate in the military?

Vegetarian burrito MRE (meal ready-to-eat) and long-shelf-life bread.