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The Stripes Within

Celebrate current and former military students, staff, and faculty that make up the fabric of UF.

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A place for veterans and their families to come relax, study, gain resources, and gain a sense of comradery and support.

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Helping Veterans succeed is important because they help provide the privilege of freedom that we often forget.


Collegiate Veterans Success Center

Collegiate Veterans Success Center

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The Collegiate Veterans Success Center serves student Veterans, and service members at UF by providing a designated location on campus for student Veterans and service members to study, meet with on and off campus resources, and spend time with and support each other in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The Collegiate Veterans Success Center is accessible to all students creating a diverse care area that supports the success of UF Veterans

The Collegiate Veterans Society at UF is supported by UF Student Government. The Collegiate Veterans Society at the University of Florida is dedicated to help fellow collegiate veterans in the transition from military to college life and to enrich the community and UF with veteran sponsored and patriotic events.