Withdrawal Process


It is suggested that student veterans contact the VetSuccess On-Campus Counselor or the Office of Student Veterans Services to discuss the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal formally drops all courses in a term. University of Florida students should read and understand the university’s withdrawal procedures before deciding to withdraw from UF. Students who withdraw after the drop/add period and before the deadline for withdrawal will receive a grade for W for all courses. Any student who withdraws after the deadline will receive WF grades in all courses and will be subject to dismissal.  Students who leave UF without withdrawing normally will receive failing grades. Students on academic probation who withdraw from UF before the deadline will continue on probation until their grade point deficit is reduced to zero. Students on Admissions Committee probation must meet the terms of their probation.


Per Florida Statute 1004.07, any student enrolled in a postsecondary course or courses at a state university shall not incur academic or financial penalties by virtue of performing military service on behalf of our country. Such student shall be permitted the option of either completing the course or courses at a later date without penalty or withdrawing from the course or courses with a full refund of fees paid (see refund of fees information in the fees and fiscal section). If the student chooses to withdraw, the student’s record shall reflect that the withdrawal is due to active military service.


Per Florida Statute 250.482, if a member of the Florida National Guard is ordered into active service, no private or public employer, and no employing or appointing authority of this state, its counties, municipalities, political subdivisions, community colleges, or universities, shall discharge, reprimand, or in any other way penalize such member because of his or her absence by reason of state active duty.


Should an unexpected event occur that causes students to be negatively impacted by it during a semester, the Medical Petition Process could help students petition for the course to reflect a withdrawal on their transcript.

By Deadline Medical Petitions

Students have the ability to petition for a course/courses they withdraw from in a current semester. An approved medical withdraw or drop by deadline petition allows for the W’s to be classified as medical and has the opportunity for tuition repayment.

Retroactive Medical Petitions

If grades are posted for a given semester, students have the ability to complete a Retroactive Medical Petition for the impacted course(s). An approved retroactive medical petition allows for posted grades to be updated to W’s and has the opportunity for tuition reimbursement.

Repayment Eligibility

Pursuant to rules the Florida Board of Governors Regulations 7.002, to be eligible for repayment for the petitioned course(s), students must complete the “Select the Petition Type” and “Terms and Course” sections of a petition via the Medical Petition Portal for each semester(s) in question, within 6 months of the end of the semester they are petitioning for.

Review the Medical Petition Process information at https://care.dso.ufl.edu/medical-petition-portal/, call 352-294-2273, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or email MedicalPetition@ufsa.ufl.edu with questions.