Withdrawal Process


University of Florida students must read and understand the university’s withdrawal procedures before deciding to withdraw from UF. Withdrawal formally drops all courses in a term. Students who withdraw after the drop/add and before the deadline for withdrawal will receive a grade for W for all courses. Any student who withdraws after the deadline will receive WF grades in all courses and will be subject to dismissal. Students who leave UF without withdrawing normally receive failing grades. Students on academic probation who withdraw from UF before the deadline will continue on probation until their grade point deficit is reduced to zero. Students on Admissions Committee probation must meet the terms of their probation.

It is suggested that student veterans contact the VetSuccess On-Campus Counselor, Charlotte Kemper, or the Office of Student Veterans Services to discuss the withdrawal process.


The Dean of Students Office has been authorized to handle requests for medical withdrawals. A student who is withdrawing from the semester may request that this be processed as a medical withdrawal to occur. Pursuant to the Rules of the Department of Education 6C1-3.0371, tuition and registration fees will be refunded in full in the circumstances noted: (e) Death of the student or member of his or her immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling), (f) illness of the student of such severity or duration, as confirmed in writing by a physician, that completion of the semester is precluded. There is staff members at the Dean of Students Office available to speak with you about your options and help you come up with a success plan for the future. Please e-mail umatter@ufl.edu for assistance or to set up an appointment.


Per Florida Statute 1004.07, any student enrolled in a postsecondary course or courses at a state university shall not incur academic or financial penalties by virtue of performing military service on behalf of our country. Such student shall be permitted the option of either completing the course or courses at a later date without penalty or withdrawing from the course or courses with a full refund of fees paid (see refund of fees information in the fees and fiscal section). If the student chooses to withdraw, the student’s record shall reflect that the withdrawal is due to active military service.


Per Florida Statute 250.482, if a member of the Florida National Guard is ordered into active service, no private or public employer, and no employing or appointing authority of this state, its counties, municipalities, political subdivisions, community colleges, or universities, shall discharge, reprimand, or in any other way penalize such member because of his or her absence by reason of state active duty.