Brittany Monteverde

My name is Brittany Monteverde and my major is Chemical Engineering. My dad is active duty, so I was raised in the military life. My dad is in the army branch because of what he wanted to do in his life. I hope to become a veterinarian and advance the field as well as make it cheaper. I will soon start my main course work for my major in the fall of 2019.

Because of the center, I have managed to network and learn about the opportunities available to me as a student. I managed to network with different employers and gain assistance with developing my resume and interview skills because of the recruiters that come into the center. The center has helped with my success by providing tutors for my courses including study material and some textbooks. The people in the center helped me with my coursework and assisted me when I needed help.

The transition was difficult at first because it was a new environment and I did not have any friend or family in Gainesville to help me through the process at the beginning of my first semester. As the semester continued, it became easier because of the center. I got to meet incredibly talented people who were willing to assist me with anything I needed help with. I got to meet some of my close friends because of the CVSC which made the transition less intimidating and easier to handle.

I am receiving a healthy and safe college experience because of the CVSC. They have a diverse amount of academic/job events as well as social events which helps with networking and meeting new people. The CVSC relieves the stressful environment that can sometimes be develop and be overwhelming around campus. Charlotte Kemper has also impacted my college experience in a positive way. She made transitioning from high school to college easy without any stress. She is always willing to help a student in need which calmed my nerves about the whole process of becoming a UF student. Without Charlotte Kemper, I would not know the resources and benefits available to me and I probably would have a stressful time establishing myself at UF which it is why it is important to have an onsite counselor. I would have been discouraged to get involve with UF resources and the transition process would’ve been stressful and unpleasant to deal with by myself.